This is a guide on how to use the Frequently Asked Questions page with


The frequently asked questions page allows you to create questions about you business and answer them.


The FAQ page is already created and located at "" to create a question and answer go to the admin menu and click on Administer then Create content then click on FAQ and the page below will appear.  First type in the question like you would a title and then answer in the below box then click on save.

You will then be taken to the FAQ page where you can sort the order of the FAQ by clicking on the Order tab. 


To sort the order click and hold down on the cross, cursor will also turn in to a cross to indicate that you are able to move the object>  Next, move the question up or down and release the cursor when the question is in place.


To access the FAQ setting go to the admin menu and click on Administer then Site configuration then click on Frequently Asked Questions, the FAQ settings page will appear. 


You can change the title of the FAQ page, change the layout and settings for questions and you can categorize the content.