This is a guide on howto use Image Galleries with


The image gallery is a way of showing images in a formated way, you can upload multiple images at once and you can have more than one gallery.


First you need to create a new gallery by going to the admin menu and click on Administer then Create content then click Gallery.  You will see a standard new page, only enter the Gallery title then save.  You will now be automatically re-directed to the new gallery, there won't be any images on it so it will be a blank page.  Click on edit and you will come to the page below.


First you must go to the Gallery Assist tab and change the common drop down menu to public for all.  If you go in to Items order settings you can change the field to order and the order type or you can leave them at their default settings.


Next click on Gallery Assist Add and edit items.  Here you can add images that will be in you gallery up to six at a time.  Click on browse and the upload will load and you can select the images you want to upload.


When you have all you images selected then click on the update button at the bottom and you will see the below screen.

You can add more images the same way and when you're done click on save and you will be taken to the gallery.  If you want to edit the gallery click on edit to delete any of the images click on the remove box that next to every image and click update.


If you wish customize you gallery go to the admin menu and click on Administer then Site configuration then click on Gallery Assist.  Next click on the Assignments tab that in the top right corner, here you can change the size of the uploaded image and the size of the images displayed in your gallery.  Set limits on image upload size.  Change the layout of your gallery and more.