This is a guide on web pages with


First you need to log in you website via (  When you are logged in, you will see the slide out admin menu icon appear in the top left corner.  Click on the icon and the menu will slide out to the right.


Now that your admin menu is open click on Administer tab twice, then click on the Create content tab and the following options will be available.


You are wanting to create a new web page so click on the link "Page".

First enter the page title.

Next choose to show or hide the page title by ticking the box Exclude title.


Add your content using the editor


Menu settings: You can add a link to the menu for this page by adding a title to the box, you choose for this to show in the primary links or any others you have set up.


Meta tags: are placed here and you can also describe what the page is about.


Revision information: Leave yourself notes on any changes that you may have done.


Authoring information: Shows who the author is and the date and time to be shown or not on web pages.


Publishing options: Choose publish when you are ready for you page to be live to everyone, don't use the promote to front page.


File attachments: Attach files such as images and pdf for users to download.


URL path setting: Leave this as it is automatically done using path auto feature.


Now you can save you web page.  If the publish box is ticked it will be visible to everyone.  If you don't you will be able to access you web page again via the manage content section of your website.

Go to the admin menu again and click on the administer tab then click on content management and then content.


Here you can manage all your content.

Click on the edit to edit or delete the content, the delete button is at the bottom of the page next to save and publish.


If you want to go to the page without editing click on the content title.

Creating a book web page starts the same as creating a web page, click on the admin menu then administer then click on create content then book page.  You will then be taken to create book page.


It looks the same as when you create or edit a web page, this is where you use the Book outline tab below the content editor.


Select the BOOK drop down menu and select create new book.  The book title will be the title of the web page.


Save or publish and you now have the first web page to a book web page. 


You can now add new web pages by selecting the book page in the Book outline tab this will automatically create next and previous links at the bottom of the web page using the web page titles.